Upon graduating with my MFA from the University of Utah, I was hired at EA Salt Lake to work on The Sims franchise as a designer.

My first project was on The Sims 3: Into the Future where I worked on the Plumbots and Bot Builder Career, tuning the systems and gameplay. Definitely download it on Origin or purchase it in stores – it’s one of the highest rated Sims 3 expansion packs on Metacritic! Here is a fan based write up on the Bot Builder Career that appeared after launch, and their writeup on the Plumbots.


My next project was the sequel, The Sims 4. During my time on this project, I worked on the Create-A-Sim tool, which I’m sure is going to be a hit with players. Players will be able to make Sims like never before. They’ll love it! Also, the visual style for the game is absolutely beautiful, it’s a great illustrative departure from The Sims 3 as you can tell from the official screenshots. I worked on an intensive tagging system that cataloged a major chunk of the base game’s clothing, body features, etc in the Create-A-Sim suite which would then would smartly implement it when players auto-generated a new Sim by making Sims that looked visually appealing with outfits that weren’t total eye-sores compared to how they were sometimes auto-generated on The Sims 3.



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